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LATEST NEWS - The multi award winning film director Susannah Hayes is now working freelance.



Freelance Film Director / Photographer


Susannah Hayes is a multi award-winning director whose main strength lies in directing performance. She is as adept at working with actors and celebrities as she is bringing out performances from 'real' people unused to being in front of the camera. When working with actors she uses improvisation to keep performances spontaneous and real. Her work shows a balance of emotion, real life and often humor.


She has a passion for the digital medium and has applied her skills to a huge range of films for all digital media.


Please take a look at her recent work:


Nintendo 'Pilot Wings'


Royal Opera House 'Who's Don'


HUAWEI – The Making of Pegasus’


End Cyber Bullying 'Water Bomb & Held Down'


Cancer Research UK 'Breast Awareness Guy'


Shelter Digital Poster Campaign '1 In 7 Children'